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Dear Father Christmas,
You know I believe in you!!!
And I’ve been a good boy all year, mostly.
And I could tell you I don’t want much for it
only for mummy and daddy to stop shouting
but the truth is I do.
And you know I do anyway
because you’re you
and you know everything that’s gong to happen before it happens
so I’ll get to the point.
There’s this ring I saw on the THAMES website.
It’s like the chains they do, but it wraps around your finger and has pretty little gemstones in it.
I’m not saying if you don’t get it for me I won’t believe in you anymore,
I’m not threatening you or anything like that
but please, please get it for me.
Thank you Father Christmas.
I love you Father Christmas.


925 sterling silver ring with 18k gold plating.

Set with 6 nano crystal stones.

Made to Order (4 week lead time)

Made in Thailand.