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Yours truly on self-love in the time of corona, status symbols, skin cream, the pointlessness of being sat around a coffee table in a warehouse in Clapton for several days and nights without being on drugs, overnight enlightenment, online echo chambers, singing in public, the feelings which everyone deserves to feel, the word ‘fellowship’, the fact that a fact which someone wishes wasn’t a fact is, in fact, a fact nonetheless, sleeping the sleep of a thousand martyrs, St. Augustine of Hippo, the anarchy of being oneself, limiting our exposure to that which disconnects us from each other and from the beauty of the real world, the best interests of the masses, blind faith, chocolate, popularity at all costs, the ability to hope, the ability to adapt, the ability to hope and adapt simultaneously being a prerequisite for a happy life in this ever-changing world, blessings in disguise, what it means to live a life with purpose, what it means to be of service to others and whether or not there just may be some correlation between those two notions.


14cm x 21.5cm 44-page publication cataloguing transcriptions of the series of six IGTV videos of the same name. All words and photographs by Blondey. Printed in London.