Mine might be the last generation of skateboarders to whom football felt off-limits. And when I say off-limits, I mean like the polar opposite, along with just about everything else deemed properly popular. It seemed to me that if you skated, that was all you did. That and make art, maybe. Anyway, this, I suppose, is why I think skaters wearing the type of gear that typically belongs to the masses can be, ironically, so interesting. Empowering even.

This position of mine is evidenced in my career at adidas, and indeed by the very fact that it’s adidas I sought a career with — as opposed to, say, Vans. First, we made basketball shoes together. Then came indoor football shoes. And it’s the imminent release of the third and final official version of these that’s prompted this post.

They won’t have studs on — the ones pictured here are totally unofficial one-offs that I, just wanting to see, as I always do, managed to convince a v talented friend to cobble together — but you get the gist. I hope you’ll like them, and, even more, that you’ll wear them, and if you don’t, you must die. Thank you.

14th April 2023